Forum: ‘South Asian Perspectives on Management and Social Sciences’




The journal ‘FORUM: South Asian Perspectives On Management and Social Sciences’ is an attempt to bridge the gap between the existing research contributions by the social science fraternity within the country. This is at once diverse and multifaceted on the one hand and rich in detail and dimensions on the other. The subcontinent has seen increasing contributions in first rated, high impact factor journals through interdisciplinary research in scientific disciplines and through an increased presence in, and patronage of conferences and conventions as platforms to forge ideas and invite joint research. The result has been a refreshing difference in the acceptance of Indian authors in international journals, published outside the country.

Management research is an area that is increasing in impact in the context of organised management education carried out by faculty and researchers engaging in meaningful and relevant management oriented research.Recruitments have not suffered due to a school, being outside of the metro cities of India.

The focus of this journal will be to look at management in larger context- country specificity is no longer important, as organizations, businesses and institutions need to be run and managed by global citizens to survive in the coming information symmetric era. We intend to capitalize on the vast network of research and learning institutions and organizations fed by yearning researchers of the south East Asian region, similar in a drive for excellence and scholastic brilliance, many of whom come to the subcontinent to further their research goals…


  1. Cross cultural management and organizational research
  2. Inclusive growth and experiences of private-public experiments/ research
  3. Governance and institutional support and initiatives/ research
  4. Marketing and company strategies for diverse customer groups
  5. Family business/small business strategic outcomes and roles
  6. Leadership and institutional growth choices
  7. ‘Genderising’ of policies, and programmes in the business, government and public domain

The articles for the journal will be selected through a peer reviewed (blind) process to ensure articles are research worthy and can be valuable for budding researchers. The editorial board for the same consists of both national and internationally well established scholars in academia, which have been so kind to give their consent for the same.