Extension and Research Centres
To further the intellectual development and hone the research skills of the members associated with FBS and enhance the school`s interaction with the local community and society at large, FBS has incorporated three dedicated centres of Management and research. They are:
Centre for Entrepreneurial Development and Small Enterprises Management (CEDEM)
The objective of CEDEM is to initiate and advance studies and action research in the areas of local entrepreneurship, which is the pivot of `local development`, envisaging now through the `Panchayati Raj Institution and Decentralized Planning` in the country.  In the present globalized scenario, the local entrepreneurs have the difficult task of `thinking globally and acting locally`, for which they should have a good networking with the global entrepreneurs.  It is imperative, therefore, that new generation MBAs, who have to operate in a globalized local village, should have the opportunities to know and learn local entrepreneurs as a node in the global network of entrepreneurs.
Centre for Local Government and Resources Management (CLGRM)
The CLGRM aims at establishing a strong and healthy link between FBS and the local governments in Kerala, particularly with those in Ernakulam and Thrissur districts, to start with, through studies and consultancy projects in the areas of local resources management and the management to these local governments.  These studies and consultancy projects are for mutual benefits.  The CLGRM will get an opportunity to learn local level resources and management issues of local governments on one side and to offer suggestion for improvements on the other.  The local governments will get assistance and advice at nominal cost to meeting the managerial challenges they face in their resources management and in the present administrative system, which will help them to improve their efficiency in governance and delivery of services to people.  The success of this venture, of course, depends on the intensity of participation of CLGRM and the local governments.
Project, Research & Consultancy House (PREACH)
The PREACH will plan and organize externally aided research and project activities, in addition to taking up management consultancy assignments.  This provides opportunities for the Faculty for applying their academic expertise to study real world industry and business situations, and the lessons they draw from such studies will, in turn, enrich their class room lectures.  The interaction of the Faculty with companies in the consultancy process will enhance the visibility of the Business School.  The interests and efforts a faculty member takes in this direction should be evidenced by `outputs` in the form of research papers, reports, monographs or books.  As a preliminary to these final expected outputs, the faculty members could prepare research materials in the form of Discussion Paper for generating discussions in the academic circles and getting comments which one can use for revising the preliminary version into final form.  The PREACH aims at bringing out periodically a FBS Discussion Paper Series for general circulation among the academics, Management Institutions and selected industry /  business counterparts for their remarks and comments.